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Safari ME

$2 350.00
In stock
Product Details
Brand: Lions Energy
  • Professional Grade Portable Power

  • Use all day without running out of power

  • Fast solar charging with 24V panel

  • Power for emergencies, work or play

We provide portable power that is safe, silent and renewable. It gives you the freedom to go and live your life, be prepared for emergency situations, or to power your work anytime, anywhere. SAFE The Lion Safari ME produces no emissions - none. It has no carbon footprint during use, emits no greenhouse gases and causes no damage to the environment. It’s even safe enough to use indoors. SILENT Unlike other generators, the Lion Safari ME has silent power enabling you to sleep through the night at camp or allowing for an undisturbed work or play environment. No need for long extension cords to keep you from hearing a noisy, fuel-powered generator. RENEWABLE The Lion Safari ME unit is part of our pride of products that creates clean, limitless, renewable energy sources to power your life. It’s designed for recharge through traditional AC power or renewable sources such as, solar, wind, and water,

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